3 Tips for Relaxing During Teeth Cleaning in Orange, CT

For some people, going to the dentist causes panic and anxiety. It could be that a bad experience in the past has left them with little desire to head to another dental office. Still others just don’t like the dental office. But teeth cleaning in Orange CT is an important part of both oral and overall health. Skipping over cleanings could lead to more cavities, chronic unpleasant breath, and severe build up of plaque. If the fear or worry of teeth cleaning is causing a person to skip over the appointment, here are three tips for relaxing and making it though the procedure.

Talk to the Dentist

A dentist wants his or her patients to be completely comfortable sitting back in the chair. The goal is to take care of patients and ensure that they come back in for regular check-ups and appointments. Be honest with a dentist and let him or her know about the anxiety. The dentist will often times explain the procedure thoroughly to reduce any fear or even go slowly, checking in with a patient throughout the procedure to make sure he or she is okay.

Listen to Music

Sometimes the sound of the equipment is what causes a person to struggle through a teeth cleaning in Orange CT. If this is the case, a set of headphones or earbuds can be the solution. By listening to music, the sounds of the equipment is drowned out, and it is possible to relax a little while the cleaning is taking place. Make sure to talk with the dentist or hygienist about listening to music to make sure there is some way to communicate while the cleaning is happening.

Consider Medication

For those patients that are really struggling, it might be beneficial to consider some type of medication to relieve the anxiety. Some patients take a pill before their appointment. Others take advantage of sedation offered by the dentist during the appointment. Both of these options help to put a patient’s mind at ease and make the teeth cleaning a little easier.

Having made it though the cleaning, it is important to come in regularly. Long periods of time between appointments can add to the anxiety. For more information about teeth cleaning and other dental procedures, visit gregoryjschmittdmd.com.