Always Follow Up with a Family Dentist After Seeing an Emergency Dentist in North Attleboro, MA

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Dentistry

A toothache can be one of the most painful health issues a person ever faces. Some people even say it’s worse than childbirth. Whether the pain in sharp or dull and aching, no one wants to deal with it for a very long time. This is why everyone should have a relationship with a dentist. In an emergency, a dentist may see an established patient without an advance appointment. This allows the dentist to evaluate and treat the problem quickly, so the patient does not have to endure the pain for an extended period of time.

Unfortunately, a large number of people do not have a family dentist and don’t know who to call when they have a toothache. An emergency dentist in North Attleboro MA may be able to help. These dentists may see new patients on an emergency basis without ever doing an initial exam. Since the goal is to resolve the pain, patients who use dentists for only emergencies cannot expect to get their teeth cleaned or to find out if any of their other teeth have minor issues. Depending on the issue at hand, they may need to return to complete their treatment.

For example, if the emergency involves a tooth that has nerve damage, is infected, or needs root canal therapy, an Emergency dentist in North Attleboro MA may not be able to completely resolve the issue for their patient. However, they might prescribe an antibiotic to heal the infection and make an appointment for the patient to return for the root canal.

Dentists like Atwill-Conroy Dental Associates treat patients for routine and emergency procedures. It’s important for anyone who sees a dentist for an emergency to follow up and get a complete exam. Chances are, if they had a serious problem with one tooth, there might be issues with the others as well. Treating problems before they become emergencies is much less expensive and less stressful to the teeth. A small filling can actually strengthen a tooth, where root canal therapy essentially kills the tooth and requires the patient to wear a crown on that tooth for the rest of their life.

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