Bone Grafting In Toledo, Ohio Makes New Teeth Possible

Bone Grafting In Toledo, Ohio Makes New Teeth Possible

It might be a little frightening to be told by your dentist that dental Bone Grafting Toledo Ohio will be required, but it can have amazing results. Bone grafts have an essential role in making it possible to replace lost teeth. Not very long ago, patients that did not have sufficient bone in their jaw would be told that it was impossible to have an implant. Without dental Bone Grafting Toledo Ohio, a person’s only options would be wearing dentures or remaining toothless for the rest of their life.

Why Would a Dental Bone Graft be Necessary?

Imagine trying to establish a new fence post in a hole that was only a few inches deep. The post wouldn’t stay upright, but would tip over and fall. That is similar to what happens to teeth if there isn’t sufficient jawbone to support them.

Bone can be lost because of:

  • A serious injury or trauma
  • Infection as a result of gum (periodontal) disease or cavities
  • A developmental defect

Bone Grafts Grow New Bone

Where does the bone come from to use for a bone graft? A very small amount of bone taken from the patient’s own body is an excellent choice. Typically, the bone will be taken from the chin or lower jaw, but in some cases, it might be necessary to use the hip or shin bone.

There are alternatives to using the patient’s bone. One possibility is the use of a material sourced from humans or cattle. Another option is an exciting new material, BMP-2, that is produced with DNA technology. BMP-2 is a protein naturally found in the body that stimulates certain body cells to become bone. Discuss the benefits and risks of each option with your dentist.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

It takes time for new bone to grow, but when there is sufficient bone, dental implants can replace missing teeth, offering many benefits:

  • Improved appearance and smile (when jawbone is lost, the face appears older)
  • Normal speech
  • Easier to chew
  • Better oral health
  • Long-lasting
  • Convenient

The experienced dentists at Kozy Paul S DDS & Associates in Toledo Ohio are trained in advanced dental procedures, including Bone Grafting Toledo Ohio. Only a dentist can determine whether or not a patient needs a dental bone graft before getting an implant, but it’s reassuring to know that the option exists if it’s needed.

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