Cardiac Care and Your Local Family Dentistry in Trumbull CT

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Dentist

If a person is suffering from heart problems and has already experienced cardiovascular events, they should pay attention to their teeth. Why? Because studies show that heart-related diseases are correlated with dental pain. This brief article should particularly attract the people prone to early disease: a poor dental state can increase the risk of relapse. Scheduling routine visits to a local family dentistry in Trumbull CT is the best way to keep your smile awesome.

It’s proven, oral health affects the cardiovascular system. And patients exposed to heart disease have a higher risk of relapse after an accident at this level. All dental problems are bad, but periodontitis seems to aggravate heart problems. What is all this about? Periodontitis is an infection characterized by inflammation of the tissue supporting the teeth and resulting mostly from inflammation of the gums. The latter is characterized by acute pain in the gums which expand and become red. Very sensitive, they tend to bleed at the slightest contact, especially when brushing.

To assess the link between cardiovascular disease and oral diseases, numerous surveys have been conducted over the years. One study, spanning over a year, involves a review of the health of each patient’s teeth and gums. Antibiotics were administered for 3 months for a portion of patients. The rest took a placebo during the same period. After one year, a new evaluation of these participants is carried out and the results show that even following an antibiotic treatment, those who submitted oral problems are actually more exposed to the risk of relapse. The disorder is periodontitis. During this year, nearly a third of all Americans who have heart problems will experience serious oral health issues because of such.

The same survey leads to another conclusion: time also plays an important role in relapses for heart disease. With age, people who have a history of poor dental health are more likely to relapse compared to those with better oral health. A family dentistry in Trumbull CT can determine the status of each patient’s oral health rather quickly. For more details, it is best to schedule an appointment with Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry LLC today.

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