Color-matching Dental Bonding

Color-matching Dental Bonding

When you damage a tooth while eating barbecue ribs at a picnic, you need fast treatment. An emergency dentist Bloomingdale, Ill., patients can count on will provide an efficient examination to determine how to repair your damaged tooth. To learn more about the damaged tooth, a dentist will collect medical images of your face. If your tooth has only a small amount of damage, then it is repairable with a bonding process. A dentist will mix a color-matching substance to apply to the tooth, and after it dries, he will polish it to give the tooth a natural appearance.

Customized Dental Crowns

If a tooth has severe damage, then it is possible to have it repaired with a dental crown. An emergency dentist in Bloomingdale can perform a root canal to save your tooth. This procedure requires drilling into the top of your tooth before removing its pulp. The pulp contains nerves and blood vessels that are often contaminated with bacteria. After the tooth’s shell is empty, a dentist will remove the tooth’s roots to stop your pain. To protect this tooth, a dentist will place a dental crown over it.

Dental Implant Procedures

In some cases, a dentist can’t save a damaged tooth, but there are still ways to have an attractive smile. Today, it is possible to receive a dental implant right away when you have healthy gum tissue and strong alveolar bones. Your dentist can pull the damaged tooth from your mouth before inserting a metal post. After the metal post is implanted, a screw is attached to it. Last, your dentist will place a full-size crown on the screw, giving you a perfect smile. To learn more about our emergency dentist Bloomingdale services, contact Pure Dental Spa at our website.