Common Questions And Answers About Smile Makeovers

Common Questions And Answers About Smile Makeovers

Individuals who aren’t satisfied with the appearance of their teeth often visit dentists for Smile Makeovers. By having one or more cosmetic dental procedures, individuals can have the beautiful smile they’ve always wanted. Read the questions and answers below to learn more about improving the appearance of your smile through various dental procedures.

What types of dental procedures can individuals have done to enhance their teeth?

Dentists perform many types of procedures for the purpose of enhancing a person’s teeth. These procedures are often done to make the teeth appear straighter, cover chipped teeth, and make them whiter. Porcelain crowns are often placed over a real tooth that’s damaged or broken. Veneers can be placed on the surface of the tooth to hide stains or tooth damage. Some individuals prefer bonding to fill in large spaces between the teeth. People who are unhappy with the shade of their teeth can go to a dentist office for professional tooth whitening. When a missing tooth is the reason for an unattractive smile, individuals can choose to have a dental implant placement.

Is it expensive to have cosmetic dental procedures performed by a dentist?

Some cosmetic dental procedures are more costly than others, and a dentist will discuss the various options with each individual. After examining the teeth, a dentist will be able to recommend the different types of procedures that can improve a person’s smile. Tooth bonding can hide various teeth problems, and it’s one of the least-expensive options available. Some individuals prefer to pay a little extra for a more permanent solution.

How long will it take to get a smile makeover at the dentist office?

The length of the time that it takes for dentists to perform Smile Makeovers depends on the types of procedures that need to be done. Tooth bonding and teeth whitening can be completed in one dental appointment. Individuals who choose to get a porcelain crown will have to make several visits to the dentist before the procedure is completed.

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