What To Consider When Starting Dental Practice Sales In California

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Dentist

In California, dental professionals who own a practice start a sale when they need to relocate or retire. The choices about their property could define what is available to the new buyers. What they offer the new buyer could determine if how quickly the property sales. A local broker helps these owners manage dental practice sales in California.

A Fair and Reasonable Price

The broker evaluates the terms of the sale and conducts a market analysis. These assessments determine the price in which the practice could sell. However, the owner has the right to request any price they prefer. The broker provides them insight into selecting a fair and reasonable price. The right price can present the owner with profit as well as provide the owner with the most suitable price.

Does the Roster go with the Property?

A dentist that is either relocating or retiring they may choose to provide the new owner with their patient roster. If they are moving to another state, it is less likely that the patients will follow the dentist. By providing the patient roster, the current owner is giving the new owner a fighting chance in the local market.

Furnishings and Seating

Furnishings and seating may also come with the practice. All chairs in patient rooms are installed permanently into the property. The current owner must inspect them to ensure that there isn’t any damage. They should also perform necessary repairs before the sale.

Are Updates Needed?

Updates are needed only if the property isn’t ready for immediate use. If the property doesn’t meet building codes or OSHA regulations, changes are needed before the sale. The property inspection shouldn’t present serious issues. The terms of the sale contract should indicate that repairs are made by the seller.

In California, dental professionals start a sale when they are moving out of the property. They assess their options and make choices about this transaction. The choices determine what the new owner receives once the transaction is completed. Practice owners who need information about dental practice sales in California can contact a broker or click here for more details now.

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