Dental Implants In Short Hills NJ Will Restore Your Smile

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Dentist

Missing teeth can cause low self-confidence. An individual will often hide their mouth with their hand or talk to the floor to hide the fact they are missing a tooth or several teeth. Today’s technology provides advancement is solving this problem with a permanent solution. Implants in Short Hills NJ are available for patients that are missing one or more teeth and have a strong jawbone. A dentist can examine an individual to determine if they’re a candidate for this type of procedure to make that determination. Implants can also serve as an anchor for dentures, so they don’t slip in an individual’s mouth.

A missing tooth can cause a variety of problems for an individual including headaches, jaw pain, incomplete chewing of their food, shifting of the remaining teeth and so much more. Shifting of the remaining teeth can cause food to become lodged between teeth that have a large gap and lead to further decay. A missing tooth at the front of the mouth could cause speech problems. An individual no longer has to feel embarrassed because of a missing tooth, and they don’t have to worry about getting a bridge made that can slip or get food lodged under it.

Implants in Short Hills NJ require several visits to the dentist but are well worth it. During the first visit, the dentist will examine the patient’s gum and jawbone health to determine if they qualify. This step usually involves X-rays being taken of the area. If a patient qualifies, during the next appointment, the dentist will use a numbing medication and put a tiny opening into the gun and drill a small hole into the bone. A titanium post is used to simulate the tooth roots and will be inserted into the bone. Healing can take several months, and the dentist might put a temporary crown on the post. Once the healing is complete, the patient will return for the permanent crown to be attached.

Dental implants provide an exact replica of the former tooth and will be the same size and shape. You can care for an implant in the same manner as your natural teeth and won’t have to worry about a cavity developing in the new tooth for the rest of your life. For more information, please contact Westfield Oral Surgery.

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