All About Endodontics in Fairfield, Ohio

All About Endodontics in Fairfield, Ohio

While most people get all the dental care that they need from their dentists, there are a few times and situations that may require a visit to a dentist who specializes in endodontics. This is the study of dental pulp and involves diagnosis, prevention, and also the treatment of many conditions in the mouth. This specialty has greatly evolved over the past few years, and endodontic treatment has improved the quality of life of its patients.


Going to dental school by itself does not qualify someone to practice endodontics in Fairfield, Ohio. In addition to dental school, a dentist has to complete two to three more years of training. After successfully completing this training, he or she will be able to sit for the examination. If he or she passes the board certification, then he or she will be able to practice this form of dentistry.

Beyond Regular Dentistry

It is possible for a dentist to perform some endodontic treatments but endodontists are set apart in a few ways. They can use microscopes during their treatment of dental issues, which will allow them to better treat the internal parts of the teeth without removing too much of the structure or causing major damage. A specialization in endodontics allows the dentist to use a special 3D imaging that will let him or her better assess damage and the difficulty of various treatments. Having a skilled endodontist on the dental team at any office will greatly improve the quality of treatment for the patients.

If you have more questions about how an endodontist can improve the quality of your care or are concerned about your current treatment for oral issues, contact us to set up an appointment to come in and speak to an expert. It’s always a good idea to take ownership of your medical care and working with an endodontist will ensure that you get the best care possible.