Enjoy A Straight, Even Smile With Invisalign In Strongsville OH

Acquiring that perfect smile can take a lot of work. Most of the problems that people have are purely cosmetic, but some require more elaborate treatment such as adjusting the alignment of the teeth or shifting the teeth into new, permanent positions. This field of dentistry falls into the category of Orthodontics. The specialty of Orthodontics was created specifically to deal with the adjustment of teeth using braces and other methods which adjusted the position of the teeth. This course of treatment often took many months for the teeth to realign properly and usually require the patient to wear some very unattractive metal aligners during this time. After the braces were removed the patient still had to wear a retainer to keep the new alignment.

However, advances in dentistry have improved the art of Orthodontics. Modern aligners like Invisalign in Strongsville OH have been developed to allow the shifting of the patients teeth without the ugly and often embarrassing metal associated with old school braces. These aligners are made from polymers designed to provide a clear view so the patient doesn’t feel insecure or embarrassed about wearing them.

One of the largest benefits to wearing Invisalign in Strongsville OH is the ability to remove them when required. This can be great for the wearer because old style braces often made eating very difficult and prevented the wearer from eating certain foods which could damage the retaining wires. Invisalign aligners can be quickly removed before a meal and easily replaced after the teeth are brushed which was never possible with regular braces.

Deciding if clear aligners are the right choice for you may take a little more information than can be presented here. However, dental offices like Papandreas Orthodontics can make your decision much easier by helping you weigh the pros and cons of braces versus aligners such as Invisalign. Some of these benefits include the ability to remove the aligner while sleeping or during rugged activities. However, most people find that the Invisalign aligner is very comfortable and only remove it when required. By keeping the aligner in as much as possible they get the full effect and straighten their teeth as quickly as possible.