Enjoy Eating and Smiling Once Again With Help From Dental Implants in Summit, NJ

Lost and missing teeth can cause a lot of problems including everything from shifting of the remaining teeth to bone and gum loss when large areas of the jaw become exposed. One way to reduce these issues is dental Implants in Summit NJ. An implant is simply an artificial root used to anchor a sturdy, porcelain crown or dental appliance. Of course, the whole process is more complex than this because a qualified oral surgeon will need to perform minor surgery to place each anchor.

There are many reasons to consider an implant, not the least of which is the appearance of one’s smile. For instance, a single missing tooth can allow the remaining teeth to shift positions, and this weakens them. Another consideration is damage to any exposed surfaces including the gum tissue. The experts at Westfield Oral Surgery can help with these concerns by placing any studs necessary to anchor a crown, bridge, or a denture.

The strength of the system is due to the anchor itself, which is usually a small stud made from titanium or similarly inert material. Some dentists prefer to use plastic, but this material may not provide the long-term support that patients require. Titanium is the best option because it isn’t usually rejected by the body, and the bone tissue will adhere properly as the wound heals. This is necessary to ensure a strong anchor and avoid the chance of minor fractures in the jawbone.

One concern with Implants in Summit NJ is the strength of the existing bone tissue. Thin jawbone tissue can break under stress, and this might eliminate the use of replacement teeth. The solution is often a series of bone grafts to strengthen the jaw prior to the implant surgery. The dentist and oral surgeon will need to discuss these possibilities with the patient before beginning the implant process.

Implants are a great option for replacing a single tooth, but they also show a lot of promise for people with bridges or dentures. This is due to the use of implants as anchors for these prosthetic devices. Implants tend to work better than using the surrounding teeth to anchor a bridge or adhesives to secure a denture because the use of anchors reduces movement of the prosthetic, and this reduces damage to surrounding teeth. Plus, a secure dental device makes eating much more enjoyable.