Facts Concerning Wisdom Teeth Removal in Bridgeport CT

by | May 22, 2018 | Dentist

If wisdom teeth cause problems like, for example, decay, gingivitis or malpositioning of the teeth, surgical removal is recommended. Beautiful and healthy teeth are an essential prerequisite for general well-being and success, whether professional or private. Ingrown wisdom teeth can affect the health of the jaw and the position of the teeth. But it is not always necessary to schedule a Wisdom Teeth Removal in Bridgeport CT.

Preventing wisdom teeth issues

To avoid wisdom teeth problems, sufferers should consult a Maxillofacial Surgeon at an early stage before any inflammation develops or teeth shift due to the pressure of the wisdom teeth breaking through. It is important to read up on the removal of wisdom teeth, possible complications, and the cost of treatment. In some cases, wisdom teeth can remain in the jaw for a lifetime but, in most, these teeth grow during a person’s teenage years. In sporadic cases, wisdom teeth do not break the gum.

Wisdom teeth are often irregularly shaped and, for chewing, are hardly usable. On the other hand, they are often the cause of pain, inflammation or displacement of other teeth. Even externally, invisible wisdom teeth can cause damage to the jaw. These teeth grow horizontally (to an extent), which means that they damage neighboring molars or even grow into them. Scheduling a Wisdom Teeth Removal in Bridgeport CT appointment is a must if this occurs.

Damage caused

The pressure that wisdom teeth cause can lead to a shift of other teeth. It also happens that painful inflammation can occur. Also, a wisdom tooth rarely breaks through the gum completely (is partially covered by gums). Because of this, bacteria accumulates and, thus, causes gingivitis. This inflammation can occur repeatedly and can also affect the respiratory tract.

In extreme cases, the cheek and masticatory muscles are also affected, making it impossible to open the mouth. Even decay-causing bacteria flourish when it comes to wisdom teeth.

Who should have their wisdom teeth removed?

There are different reasons to have these teeth removed. In most cases, it is recommended to have wisdom teeth removed as early as possible. If wisdom teeth are not removed, difficulties like tooth decay, gum inflammation, or displaced teeth can occur. Contact Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry LLC to learn more.

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