FAQs About Dentures In Bridgeport, CT

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Dentist

In Connecticut, dental patients with more modest budgets require a more economical solution for replacing any missing teeth. Among the most affordable options for these patients is acquiring dentures to replace all teeth. A local dental professional can provide answers to questions concerning Dentures in Bridgeport CT.

How Long Should Patients Wait to Get Dentures?

Typically, patients should wait until their gums have healed completely after any extractions before getting dentures. The reason for this is that the gums will shrink as the mouth heals from multiple extractions, and if the patient gets dentures created before the healing process is over, their dentures will not fit correctly.

Are Dentures Covered Under Dental Insurance?

Yes, dentures are covered under most dental insurance plans. However, the total value of coverage provided depends on the patient’s insurance policy. Select policies may determine the dentures are an elective service. However, the dentist can provide information to the insurer to gain coverage under certain circumstances. The policies typically won’t present any coverage for dental implants.

Is the Process for Creating Dentures Complex?

No, the dentist will get a mold of the patient’s gums to send to the lab, and the technicians will use this model to create the bottom portion of the dentures. This section must match the gum ridges perfectly to ensure a proper fit. The size and shape of the teeth are determined by the patient’s natural teeth if possible, but the patient can make choices about how the teeth look.

What Happens After the Dentures are Ready?

The patient will go to the dentist’s office for a fitting to determine if the dentures fit them properly. The dentist will show them how to use adhesives to keep the dentures in their mouth and how to clean them.

In Connecticut, dental patients who need more affordable replacement options often choose to acquire dentures. The devices are removable and enable the patient to remove them from their mouths to clean the dentures and eliminate food and bacteria. Patients who need to acquire Dentures in Bridgeport CT can get more information here or schedule an appointment right now.

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