How to Find the Right Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is much different than normal dentistry. It’s not just a teeth cleaning or a filled cavity. If you want treatment to improve the aesthetics of your mouth, such as teeth whitening or veneers, you need to be careful in choosing your dentist. Here are some tips for finding cosmetic dentistry in Chicago or another city.


Since cosmetic dentistry is more specialized than normal dentistry, you need to check to be sure a dentist is qualified to perform it. Their website, or the website of their practice, should list what qualifications they have and which types of cosmetic dentistry they are certified to provide.

Experience and Results

Qualification is just one part of what makes a good cosmetic dentist. Check their website or ask them in person if they have experience with the specific treatment you seek and if they’ve treated teeth like yours before. Their website most likely features before and after pictures of their clients. Look at the results and see if they satisfy you. Try to find before pictures that look like your teeth to see how the dentist handles cases like yours.


Insurance doesn’t always cover cosmetic procedures. If you’re paying for this out of pocket, price out each dentist to make sure you can afford the procedure.


Ask around to family and friends if any of them have received cosmetic dentistry. How was their experience with their dentist? The Internet is another great resource for reviews and results pictures that haven’t been filtered by the dentist. However, one of the best resources is your normal dentist. They might indeed be qualified for cosmetic dentistry, which makes your search much easier. If they’re not qualified, chances are they know many other dentists in the field. They may be able to recommend a few to you.