Five Tips for Choosing a New Dentist in New Hartford, NY

Five Tips for Choosing a New Dentist in New Hartford, NY

For someone that needs a dentist in New Hartford, NY, there are plenty of choices. This can actually make choosing the right dentist a bit challenging as all of those choices may be just too much. However, there are many things someone can do to find the right dentist and here are some things to consider.

Family Dentist vs. General Dentist

A family dentist is one that will see people of any age. When someone has kids in multiple age groups, this may be a better option than a pediatric dentist who won’t see the parents or a general dentist that won’t see small children. There is no wrong answer to which type to choose, but a larger family might want to consider a dentist that will see the entire family so when multiple visits are needed there are no problems with hopping around to different locations.

Multiple Services vs. a Few Services

There are some dentists that provide many different services at the same location. For example, they might not only do cleanings and fillings, but they may also do dental implants, remove wisdom teeth, do root canals and more.

A dentist that provides fewer services often focuses on standard services, such as fillings, cleanings, and crowns. If someone prefers to see a specialist for more advanced care, then this is the type of dentist to see.

A Preliminary Visit

Making a preliminary visit to a dentist should be par for the course. If a dental office refuses this option, then they may not be a good choice. Things to look for include a clean office, prompt and friendly staff and up-to-date equipment.


Many people are self-pay, and there are more dentists offering discounts to people that pay out of pocket. It is important to ensure that a dentist accepts the appropriate insurance, but for those that have limited insurance or are uninsured, reasonable rates are important too.

Be Willing to Make a Change

Choosing the right dentist in New Hartford, NY can take some time, and it’s possible to get it wrong the first time. It’s okay to make a change to a new dentist if the one that has been chosen isn’t working out.

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