Four Things You Need to Do After the Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process

Four Things You Need to Do After the Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process

It can be a little frightening at first to consider that you have to undergo wisdom tooth extraction in Plano, especially if you have never had to have any teeth extracted before and you aren’t sure what to expect. However, knowing what you need to do during recovery can make the whole experience easier for you and get back on your feet after teeth removal faster.

The following are four things you need to do after the wisdom tooth extraction process to recover as quickly and painlessly as possible:

Get Adequate Rest in the Days Following the Procedure

It’s best if you’re able to avoid working or going to school for at least a day or two after the tooth extraction procedure. This is good because it will allow you to sleep through some of the discomfort. Also, getting rest is important for speeding up the recovery for your body after any type of procedure like tooth extraction or surgery.

Avoid Eating Foods That Will Aggravate the Extraction Site

You’re going to have to change your diet slightly as you get over the wisdom tooth extraction procedure. You’ll want to cut hard or crunchy foods out of your diet and eat more foods like pudding and similar soft foods.

Make Sure You’re Using an Antiseptic Rinse

Rinsing with salt water or an antiseptic mouthwash will help prevent infection as your recover. You’ll want to ask your oral surgeon or dentist for a good recommendation on the right rinse to help you avoid infection.

Take Any Advice Your Oral Surgeon Provides

The best source of advice is your oral surgeon. Your oral surgeon can let you know what you should and shouldn’t do as you recover. Because your oral surgeon understands your unique situation specifically, it’s important to listen to him or her.

You can get more information about the wisdom tooth extraction in Plano process by learning more about Lone Star Dental Care.