Great Details About Dental Bridges in Indianapolis, IN

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Dentist

Having one or more missing teeth can be a significant problem for a dental patient. This dental defect can negatively change a person’s appearance. Missing teeth can also create problems with eating and talking. To avoid the consequences of missing teeth, it’s a good idea to learn about dental bridges in Indianapolis IN. The following details give further insight into these dental prostheses.

Dental Bridge Functionality

When a gap exists in a row of teeth, tooth functionality can decrease. By filling in the gap, a dentist can restore the use of the row of teeth and improve a person’s appearance. An artificial tooth replaces the missing tooth. This fixed prosthetic device is connected to two crowns. These crowns are attached to natural teeth or dental implants on either side of the gap. Dental bridges in Indianapolis IN can be manufactured from numerous materials including porcelain, ceramic, and acrylic.

Types of Dental Bridges

Understanding the different bridges available will give a dental patient better options for dental care. A traditional bridge contains at least one artificial tooth, also known as a pontic. Dental crowns hold the pontic in place. A traditional bridge is the most popular kind of dental device and is normally used when natural teeth surround the gap in the row of teeth. A cantilever bridge consists of the false tooth being supported only on one side. This is a favorable option when only one natural tooth is next to the gap. An implant-supported bridge consists of dental implants supporting the bridge.

Maintaining Dental Bridges

As with any other type of dental device, regular dental visits are advised. Brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and proper flossing keep the dental device clean and gums healthy. A dentist or dental assistant can show a dental patient how to brush and floss around the dental device. A good diet and regular cleanings also enhance dental health and increase the life of the dental device.

By understanding the fundamentals of a dental bridge, a dental patient can have more choices in regards to dental health. Using a dental bridge restores many functions offered by a complete smile. It also improves the patient’s appearance and can drastically increase self-confidence. Browse our website for information on dental services. The professionals at Moore-Berry Dentistry strive to offer comprehensive dental solutions for children and adults.