How Port Orange, FL, Dentists Correct and Treat Severe Tooth Infections

Fun fact: Hatshepsut, an Egyptian Queen, died of a tooth infection. Guess they didn’t have the expert skills of Port Orange, FL, dentists to fix that! On another note, if you have severe, chronic pain in your teeth, you might have the same affliction as that Egyptian queen. However, you do not have to die from it. Modern dental medicine has come far enough to provide you with tooth infection treatment in Port Orange that is extremely effective for ending even the worst dental infections.

First, Your Mouth Is Numbed

The pain of a tooth infection is often excruciating unless the infection has completely killed the tooth. Then you won’t feel much at all. However, to clear the infection, the tooth infection treatment by Port Orange dentists involves numbing your mouth so that the treatment process can begin.

Then the Dentist Removes Any Dead Teeth

If the infection is underneath one or more completely dead teeth that cannot be repaired or restored, the dentist takes great care to remove these teeth. Suction is used to extract any pus or remaining signs of infection from the holes where the teeth were. The dentist assesses the situation to determine if any other surgery must prevent a systemic infection to the rest of your body.

The Surgical Areas Are Flushed With a Medicinal Rinse and You Are on Antibiotics

Finally, the areas where the infection was are flushed with a medicinal oral rinse (which you may have to continue at home), and you are prescribed antibiotics. You must follow through with home care and a return visit to ensure everything is healing properly. If you need help with a tooth infection now, contact Cardinal Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates at today.