Key Things That You Will Need to Know About Sleep Dental Care in IL

Sleep dental care in Highland Park involves using a variety of methods in order to treat sleep problems. It is estimated that 50 to 70 million people in America have issues with going to and staying asleep, and 18 million people in America have sleep apnea.

How Can Dentists Treat Sleep Apnea?

Dentists typically use oral appliances to treat sleep apnea. These devices are designed to keep the airway open by repositioning the jaw. When you seek treatment, the dentist will take a mold of your teeth, and a dental technician will make an oral appliance that is specifically designed for your mouth.

Oral appliances work best for people who have mild to moderate sleep apnea. If you have severe sleep apnea, then you may need a CPAP machine to treat it more effectively. Additionally, some people will need to have surgery to remove excessive throat tissue that’s keeping them from getting a good night’s sleep.

What Are Some Signs That Indicate You Have Sleep Apnea?

Many people do not get the treatment that they need because they fail to recognize the signs. You should pay attention to your weight. Sleep apnea is more common in people who are overweight. It is also more common in people who have large necks. Excessive throat tissue can restrict airflow.

Fatigue is another sign of sleep apnea. If you have to drink coffee to get through your day, then you may have sleep apnea. Many people who have sleep apnea get the recommended eight hours of sleep. However, the sleep that they get may not be of good quality.

Other signs of sleep apnea include the following.

  • Irritability and Personality Changes
  • Problems staying asleep
  • Snoring
  • Waking up with a dry throat
  • Frequent morning headaches

If you are interested in sleep dental care in Highland Park, then you will need to contact Chicago Beautiful Smiles.