Knocked Out Tooth? Call Emergency Dentists Near Glenview

Knocked Out Tooth? Call Emergency Dentists Near Glenview

Of course, accidents happen when least expected. A friendly game of baseball on a summer evening or a long bike ride to the park seem like fun, family activities until someone gets hurt. All it takes is the hit of a ball or a fall off the bike to knock out or loosen a tooth and then panic ensues. At that moment of panic, it’s sometimes hard to remember what to do to save the tooth and make an upsetting situation a bit less stressful. Of course, knowing what Emergency Dentists Near Glenview to call in case of an emergency will help to calm everyone down and then it’s just a matter of getting there, tooth intact, to see if the tooth can be saved.

Of course, the sooner the patient arrives at the dental office, the better chance of implanting the tooth back into the mouth. If the tooth is loose, but still attached in the mouth, don’t move it around. Keep it still and go to the dentists Near Glenview as quickly as possible. If the tooth has been totally knocked out, first and foremost, locate the tooth. Do not handle it roughly, even if it has dirt or debris on it. A quick rinse or wipe with a damp cloth is all that is necessary. Most dentists recommend that the patient, or a trusted adult if the patient is too young, place the tooth back in their mouth to keep it moist on the way to the dental office. The saliva helps keep the tooth alive and gives it the best chance of being implanted back into the empty socket. If that option isn’t possible, placing the tooth in a cup of milk while en-route to the dentist is acceptable. It’s of utmost importance that the tooth does not dry out before seeing the dentist.

Many dental office websites, such as Chicago Dental Arts, offer advice on what to do in case of dental emergency. They also have contact information for after-hours care, if necessary. Always remember not to panic, but to think clearly and contact the dental office for further instructions.

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