What to Know About a Tooth Implant in Lusby, MD

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Dentist

Tooth loss can be a major problem for dental patients. This dental defect can occur for reasons such as dental trauma, congenital tooth defects, and tooth decay. The absence of dental structure can result in speech and eating problems as well as a diminished appearance. To correct any of these situations, it’s beneficial to use a Tooth Implant in Lusby MD as a solution for tooth replacement. The following details offer information on this dental implant.

The Basic Structure of a Tooth Implant

A Tooth Implant in Lusby MD is a dental prosthesis used to restore functionality to a dental patient’s mouth. This dental prosthesis is surgically placed into the spot once occupied by a tooth root. A single dental implant is a tiny rod that supports an overlying crown. However, this device can also be manufactured to stabilize an overlying bridge or crown when multiple teeth are missing. The dental implant is attached to an abutment. The abutment is a connector that joins the corrective dental device to the dental implant supports. Each of these three elements has distinct characteristics and functions.

The Hope for Implant Osseointegration

When a single tooth implant is inserted, support for a crown is achieved through implant osseointegration. This process involves generating natural bone structure in the mouth, adapting to the implant like it’s a natural tooth root. In essence, surrounding dental tissues attaches to the dental implant like it is living bone. When this does not occur, a dental implant can become unstable and shift. This movement can cause dental damage to surrounding gums and teeth. It can also result in the dental implant dislodging and popping out. However, when proper precautions are taken, implant failure is quite rare.

By understanding the basics of a dental implant, it will be easier to decide on a suitable course of action for correction of tooth loss. These details coupled with knowing the entire process for dental implant insertion can help a patient realize the benefits of this advanced dental treatment. For information on dental services, please Visit us on the website of Louis B. Sachs, DDS. This dental practitioner offers numerous services including tooth implants, Invisalign, and Zoom tooth whitening.

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