Oral Health Facts Your Dentist In Cedarburg, WI Wants You To Know

Oral Health Facts Your Dentist In Cedarburg, WI Wants You To Know

Oral health is incredibly important but often overlooked. Many of us are guilty of skipping appointments or booking them way too far apart to be helpful to our overall oral health. Skipping important appointments may save you time in the short run, but can be detrimental to your overall oral health over time. Your dentist can give you a ton of information about the best way to maintain oral health. These are a few important oral health facts your dentist in Cedarburg, WI wants you to know.

#1: Dental Issues Never Go Away On Their Own

Many people think that if they ignore a particular dental issue, it will go away on its own. In reality, this never happens. Ignoring dental issues often results in worsening oral health. Gum disease and tooth decay can also quickly follow if even minor oral health concerns are left untreated. The best way to reduce the impact a dental concern has on your life is to visit a dentist as soon as it becomes problematic.

#2: Root Canals Are Not Actually Painful

Root canals were once painful procedures; so painful that they are now synonymous with a painful experience. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Advances in technology have made root canals virtually painless. The alternative to a root canal is usually pulling the entire tooth. With the medications and technological advances available to dental clinics today, root canals are comparable with having a tooth pulled regarding pain.

#3: Dental Check Ups Include Cancer Screenings

Regular dental visits are extremely important if you are at an increased risk for developing oral cancer. Oral cancer can be fatal but is treatable in its early states. Early discovery is critical to your overall prognosis. Each time you have an appointment, your dentist, and his or her hygienist, examine your mouth for any warning signs of oral cancer. Contact Mequon Smile Design today!