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by | Aug 8, 2016 | Dental Surgery

Over the course of an adult’s lifetime, they may require an oral surgery. If the adult has impacted teeth, tooth loss, dental implants or a facial injury, they may need oral surgery in Fishers IN to fix their issue. A dentist will refer them to an oral surgeon, someone who has extra training and is able to perform procedures for an oral and facial issue.

The most common reason someone will visit an oral surgeon is to have an impacted tooth removed. The most common type of impacted tooth removed is a wisdom tooth. A wisdom tooth becomes easily impacted because there is no room for it to emerge in the gum line. The tooth then becomes stuck between the jawbone and the gum line causing the tooth to become impacted. Once the tooth has become impacted, it can cause the area to become swollen. Oral surgeons recommend having Oral Surgery in Fishers IN to remove wisdom teeth before they become a problem to the patient.

Oral surgeons also help patients who suffer from tooth loss. After assessing a patient’s mouth, the surgeon will fit the patient for dental implants. The dental implants act as a tooth root, so the surgeon will be able to attach an artificial tooth. The artificial tooth can be a permanent solution because it is attached to the jawbone. Once the implant is attached and intact, the patient will take care of the artificial tooth just like the rest of their teeth. It is extremely important that the patient maintains a good oral hygiene routine because the implant is more susceptible to infection.

Another reason for someone to visit an oral surgeon is for a facial injury. An oral surgeon can fix broken jaws and fractured facial bones caused by numerous injuries. Each procedure differs depending on the cause of the injury. In the field of dentistry, oral surgery is quite common. These dentists have more training and are able to perform procedures on the mouth and face, unlike a general dentist. For more information about oral surgery and what procedures they can perform, check out website domain.

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