Preparing Children for Exam at a Family Dental Practice in West Fargo ND

Preparing Children for Exam at a Family Dental Practice in West Fargo ND

Children who have never been to the dentist before may have a bit of trepidation about their first appointment. This is not uncommon. It’s up to the parents to make sure their child knows what to expect during an exam at a family dental practice in West Fargo ND.

Why are exams important?

To a child, a dental exam may feel more like a nuisance rather than a necessity. Make sure to educate the child about the importance of visiting the dentist every year. This includes telling them what the dentist is looking for during the exam. Education is power, and it will also help reduce their fears.

If the dentist is planning on taking x-rays, be sure to let the child know why this is happening. Explain that x-rays are used to see inside the teeth. Tell them that the dentist will also be examining the overall health of their gum tissue. Reinforce the need for good oral hygiene habits at home.

What happens during a cleaning?

Before a child has their teeth cleaned by a family dental practice in West Fargo ND for the first time, they need to know that the process is different than brushing at home. Be sure to tell them about the different techniques the dentist uses to clean teeth. They will have their teeth scraped, polished, flossed and rinsed.

A dental clinic may also seem frightening to a child because of the different tools. They may feel afraid of the sounds they hear. If possible, adults should let their child attend one of their own yearly cleanings. Letting them experience the sights of sounds of the clinic beforehand will help them know what to expect.

How young is too young?

Many adults put off scheduling a dental appointment for their child because they feel their kid is too young. As long as the child has teeth, they are old enough to visit the dentist. Smile Care Family & Cosmetic Dentistry encourages parents to schedule an appointment no later than a child’s second birthday.

There’s no reason a child should develop a fear of the dentist. Parents should take time to make sure their child knows exactly what to expect during their first exam. Preparing them for the dentist now will help ensure they continue these important exams into adulthood. You can also connect them on Facebook.