Pros and Cons of Tooth Bonding in Del City, OK

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Dentist

Some relatively small cosmetic dental issues can be fixed with a procedure called tooth bonding or dental bonding. Tooth Bonding in Del City OK may help to fix small chips on the surface of a tooth, gaps between teeth, tooth discoloration, or to cover up any exposed tooth roots. This bonding material is also sometimes used to fill cavities. Understanding the pros and cons of the procedure may make it easier to decide if this is the best option to improve your smile.

The Basics

In this procedure, composite resin is molded onto the tooth that needs to be fixed after roughing up the edge of the tooth and applying a special solution to help it bond better. The bonding material is applied in layers using a curing light to help harden it, then any extra material is trimmed to give it a perfect fit and make sure it won’t cause problems with your bite.

Potential Benefits

Getting Tooth Bonding in Del City OK is a less expensive option than many other cosmetic procedures, typically costing between $300 and $600 per area, depending on the exact issue being treated and the person doing the treatment. Because it isn’t invasive and doesn’t require any anesthetics, dental bonding can be done in just one visit, although it may take one to two hours. Unlike crowns and veneers, there’s no need to remove healthy tooth material.

Potential Considerations

Although the composite resin used for dental bonding will match your tooth color when it’s first applied, this material can stain just like normal teeth, so it’s important to take care when eating or drinking materials that can cause stains. Grinding your teeth, biting very hard materials, or a strong impact may cause the bonding material to crack, chip, or detach and need to be repaired. Dental bonding is also suitable only for small surfaces, which is why it isn’t usually used for major dental issues such as large fractures in the teeth.

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