Reasons To Visit An Emergency Dentist

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Dentist

Dental emergencies may arise at any time. For this reason, local dentists provide emergency dental services. These services help save teeth that have been dislodged. They also prevent major issues that affect the way the patient chews and speaks. An Emergency dentist provide fast services after-hours and during office hours.

Replacing a Dislodged Tooth

Patients with a dislodged tooth need immediate care to restore the positioning of the tooth. The patient must call the dentist immediately for this restoration. They should rinse the tooth easily and place it in a container of milk. This keeps the tooth strong until they reach the dentist’s office. They should never wait until the next day for this emergency situation.

Extracting an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

An impacted wisdom tooth presents serious pain for the patient. It may also present the possibility of an infection. When the tooth is causes severe pain, the dentist performs an emergency extraction. This requires emergency surgery in which the patient is sedated.

Managing a Severe Infection

An infected tooth presents several health risks for patients. They cause serious pain and swelling. The patient needs to contact their dentist to acquire antibiotics for these emergency situations.
An infected wisdom tooth is potentially deadly. This infections cause the infection to spread through the bloodstream. This could affect organ systems and cause death if it isn’t managed properly. Patients who notice swelling of the neck and face need immediate care for these infections.

Accident Injuries Involving the Mouth or Face

Dentists who perform surgery for the face, neck, and mouth provide emergent care too. They perform immediate surgery after a serious accident occurs. This includes relocating the jaw, completing a restoration for teeth, and correct injuries to the mouth. The patient should contact the dentist immediately following the accident whenever possible.

Dental emergencies require a complete assessment immediately. The local dentist provides these opportunities on a 24-hour basis. These services include restorations, corrective surgery, and extractions. The dentist also provides prescriptions for antibiotics whenever an infection develops. Patients who have an urgent circumstance and need an Emergency dentist should visit  to schedule an appointment or review more information.

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