Receive The Best Root Canal Therapy In Lacey WA

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Dental Care

Dental issues can be extremely painful at times, especially when a root has an infection in it. Many Lacey WA area residents should be aware that dealing with a root infection can be dangerous if left untreated. When left untreated, the nerve inside the root can start to rot away, leaving toxic chemicals behind that can seep into the bloodstream via the gums. This can lead to blood poisoning, which can cause severe health situations rather quickly. When experiencing any type of dental pain, it is often best to try to get the condition checked out as soon as possible to prevent any further health complications.

When dealing with an infected root, the only course of action a dentist can usually take is root canal therapy in Lacey WA. With a root canal, the dentist will drill into the tooth in order to remove all of the tooth’s nerves to prevent any future problems. Once done, the tooth will normally be filled back in with dental cement and then crowned with a dental crown to restore its chewing capability. Typical Root Canal Therapy in Lacey WA can be performed in a single visit, and often can be painful to recover from once performed.

In more severe cases, a root canal may not be able to get rid of the problem entirely. If the tooth is too damaged, the dentist may be unable to save it and crown it after the root canal. This will normally result in the dentist performing a tooth extraction on the entire tooth, to later be replaced by a dental implant. Dental implants normally consist of just a metal anchor and a porcelain tooth attachment. They perform and feel just like real teeth, making it easy to adjust to for patients.

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