Selecting an Orthodontist in Lusby, MD

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Dental Care

An orthodontist in Lusby MD is of great help when a person’s teeth or jaws are not properly aligned. Any misalignment may interfere with the person’s ability to eat and speak clearly. The treatment is designed to align the teeth and correct any issues with the individual’s bite. However, not all orthodontists are the same. For this reason, a person must spend time evaluating the choices to find the specialist who best meets their needs.

Gather a List of Possible Names

Start by speaking to the dentist who recommended the orthodontic treatment. He or she is familiar with the patient’s teeth and the type of work needed and knows which orthodontist can be of assistance at this time. Friends and family can also be of use as this list is being made, as they may have undergone treatment and know the different specialists and what they have to offer.

Conduct Further Research

Once a list of names is compiled, begin conducting additional research. Learn which specialists are board certified, as this helps to narrow the list quickly. Once this has been done, pay a visit to the practice website to learn more about their offerings. Read any patient reviews on the site and on other review sites on the internet. The more information that can be gathered at this time, the easier it becomes to decide which specialists should remain on the list and which can be eliminated.

Schedule Appointments

Schedule an appointment with the top three orthodontists still on the list. Create a list of questions to ask each orthodontist during the meeting. Furthermore, learn about the different treatment options and ask the orthodontist about each option to see what they recommend. Be sure to ask about payment plans, insurance coverage, and more at this time also. The goal is to learn as much as possible during the consultation so a decision can be made as to which specialist is best able to provide the care needed.

Contact Louis B. Sachs D.D.S when you are in need of an orthodontist in Lusby MD. Many patients choose to make use of invisalign to handle their orthodontic issues, as this option is practically invisible to others. Learn more today by visiting the site and set up the initial consultation. Treatment options have advanced greatly in the past few years, so be sure to learn which ones are available to you.

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