Steps For Acquiring Dental Implants In Annapolis And What Patients Should Expect

In Maryland, dental patients evaluate possible teeth replacement options after major extractions. These replacement options restore the smile and the patient’s self-confidence. Among these choices is Dental Implants in Annapolis. Local dentists provide these surgical installations today.

Assess Jawbone and Provide Bone Grafts When Needed

The first requirement for these implantation surgeries is to assess the jawbone. A weakened jawbone requires bone grafts. These grafts improve the strength of the jaw and provide adequate support for the implants. The patient must wait until these grafts heal before continuing to the next step of the procedure. The dentist performs a second assessment during the follow-up appointment.

Install the Titanium Root

The titanium root is installed into the tooth socket and secured into the jawbone. The dentist secures the root and provides a partial to cover it during the healing process. Typically, the healing process takes up to six weeks. However, the dentist evaluates it at different intervals of this process to review the patient’s progress.

Connecting the Implant Crown

The dentist installs the implant crown during the last step. They use an abutment to secure this connection. The implant crown is created from a mold of the natural tooth whenever possible. The dentist evaluates the installation to eliminate issues. They polish the tooth and review the strength of the jaw after the installation. They schedule a follow appointment for the patient. However, the patient should visit the dentist at the first sign of an infection.

Factors that Affect the Longevity of the Product

The implant crown is constructed of porcelain in most cases. This material becomes damaged if the patient continues to smoke or consumes stain-producing foods or beverages. They should avoid hard substances that could damage the crown. They should also follow all after care instructions provided by the dentist.

In Maryland, dental patients assess tooth replacement options. This assessment defines what option is best for them and restores their smile most effectively. Dental implants are the most permanent solution for these purposes. This procedure is surgical and requires sedation. Patients who wish to acquire Dental Implants Annapolis should schedule an appointment or Visit the site for more info now.