Stop Tooth Pain with Dental Fillings in Salisbury NC

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Dentist

Tooth pain is the number one side-effect of cavities. When someone is suffering from cavities, the dentist can apply dental fillings in Salisbury NC. Dental fillings help to close nerve exposure and stop the pain. They also help to protect the tooth from further damage. It is important individuals are aware of what to expect from this treatment, so they will not be so nervous. A dental filling can help to protect a tooth from being lost due to necrosis.

How is a Dental Filling Applied?

When decay sets in, it will eat away at a tooth and begin to cause pain. Tooth pain occurs when the nerve becomes exposed. Tooth pain can range from mild to severe. If the decay is not treated with dental fillings in Salisbury NC, it will eventually lead to tooth necrosis.

The dentist first carefully numbs the patient to ensure they will remain comfortable throughout the procedure. A dental filling is carried out in the dentist’s office and does not require the patient to be put to sleep. Once the patient is numb, the dentist will go to work on removing the decayed tooth tissue.

Removing the decayed tooth tissue is essential. If the decayed tissue is left in place, it will continue to cause damage to the tooth and could spread to the surrounding teeth. The dentist will attempt to remove as much decay as possible before starting the filling process.

The filling is made of a composite material that blends in well with the tooth. The composite filling will be applied to seal the nerve tissue and to make the tooth stronger. Fillings are vital for ensuring a tooth is not further compromised. Once the filling is in place, it can last up to ten years with proper maintenance.

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