Straighten Crooked Teeth With Braces

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Dentist

If you have crooked teeth, an under-bite or an overbite there are a few ways to correct the problem, perhaps the most common approach to these dental irregularities is to be fitted with braces. Although many general dentists are capable of fitting basic braces and retainers, orthodontists are dentists that specialize in correcting problems of this nature.

When you have decided to get braces in Bloomingdale, you can expect your dentist or orthodontist to carefully exam your teeth and oral cavity, take numerous X-Rays as well as photos of your face and teeth and impressions. It is from the careful study of this data that a treatment plan is developed.

What is the theory behind braces?

Braces consist of several components; brackets, band, wires, etc. As all teeth anomalies are different, there is no one corrective method that applies to every patient.
Braces work by the application of pressure over an extended period of time; this directed pressure slowly moves the teeth into the desired position. As teeth move, so does the underlying bone. The components that go into functional braces in Bloomingdale are:

Brackets: Brackets are bonded directly to the front of the teeth; brackets are used to hold the wires that actually move the teeth. Traditionally, brackets have been stainless steel, but today clear brackets, as well as ceramic brackets, are employed because they are not as obvious.

Arch wires: An arch wire is attached to the brackets; the wire guides the slow, steady movement of the teeth. Arch wires are usually made from metal although the clear material is available. The arch wire terminates in a special fitting that is fixed to the last tooth. The arch wire is held in place with ligatures which are little more than extremely small rubber bands.

In some cases, the irregularity is such that it can be corrected with a series of clear appliances that are changed every couple of weeks over a period of about a year.

If you are uncomfortable with the positioning of your teeth, braces may be the answer. To discuss braces in Bloomingdale, you are invited to make an appointment with Pure Dental Spa.