Suffering from TMJ? Consider Botox® as a Treatment Option

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Dentist

If you’ve ever experienced pain in the joints of your jaw, you may have had someone suggest that you have TMJ. Short for temporomandibular joint, this condition is sometimes also referred to as TMJ syndrome and involves a misalignment and resulting inflammation of the joint that makes opening and closing your mouth possible. If you have been diagnosed with TMJ, you know the serious discomfort this disorder can cause.

The Benefits of Botox®
Dermal fillers and other muscle relaxants can be used with great success to treat the symptoms of TMJ. Providers of Botox® in Philadelphia often use this well-known brand of injectable dermal relaxant for purposes other than its original intended use of treating wrinkles and filling lines on the face and elsewhere. Local cosmetic dentists and doctors know that it can be used to remedy everything from migraine headaches to the pain, stiffness and irritation of TMJ. A purified protein that allows for the relaxation of the muscles and tissues around the injection site, Botox® delivers both cosmetic and clinical benefits to patients.

Risk and Reward
As with any medical treatment or procedure, there are risks associated with the use of Botox® for both cosmetic and clinical applications. Common side effects are minor, and include pain or swelling at the injection site, itchy or dry eyes, flu-like symptoms or the inability to move the area where injections were given. These symptoms are temporary and not usually a cause for alarm, but more serious side effects are possible and may require immediate help from a medical professional. If you are seeking Botox® in Philadelphia for the treatment of TMJ or other medical conditions – or for cosmetic reasons, as these are still medical procedures – your dentist, doctor or surgeon will offer exhaustive advice on how to best care for yourself and monitor your body for any potential dangers after treatment is administered.

Ultimately, though risks are certainly involved, Botox® can be a wonder drug and a life-changing treatment for those in need of a brighter smile, a smoother face or just a little relief from pain. Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider about whether Botox® is right for you!