Three Common Issues That May Require Dental Crowns In Trumbull CT

No one looks forward to getting a crown, but in many instances, it may be necessary to help ward off intense pain and severe infection and to ensure a person’s smile remains cosmetically appealing. Dental Crowns in Trumbull CT are used to replace a significant portion of a tooth, and while the process may seem scary, it is a routine procedure that usually comes with very few side effects. The following is a look at just three of the many situations where their application is a necessity.

Large Cavities

A cavity occurs when there is decay in the internal areas of a tooth, and while smaller occurrences are typically treated with a filling, more extensive areas of rot may require the installation of a crown. The dentist will first drill out the rotten part of the tooth and determine how large the affected area is. If they decide that the cavity is too large for traditional treatment methods, then they will conduct a root canal and insert a crown device.

Tooth Fractures

If a person sustains physical damage that causes a tooth to fracture, the only treatment option available may be a crown. A fracture is not only extremely painful, but it is also unsightly, and Dental Crowns in Trumbull CT are designed to replicate the look and feel of a person’s existing teeth. The dentist may first need to remove any fragments that will prevent the crown from bonding adequately before they begin installing the artificial device.

Teeth Grinding

Another common issue that will cause a person to require a crown is the grinding of their teeth. Most people who struggle with this issue grind their top and bottom teeth together during sleep, which causes damage to the enamel and in some case may cause a tooth to crumble. A crown will restore any damaged teeth and alleviate discomfort while providing a natural looking smile.

Though the idea of getting a crown may be scary at first, it is a routine procedure that is an excellent way to repair a variety of common oral health problems. Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry is a full-service adult and pediatric clinic and will help anyone restore their smile. Browse our website to learn more or call today to schedule a new patient exam.