Tips for Picking Out Dentures in Branford, CT

Tips for Picking Out Dentures in Branford, CT

When someone has lost a number of teeth, one of the potential solutions for solving this problem is to get dentures. However, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration when picking out Dentures in Branford CT.

Start With the Right Dentist

Choosing the right dentist is the first step in getting fitted with dentures. Some dentists are better than others. Look for one who has a lot of experience making dentures, and opts for a prosthodontist if possible, as this type of specialist has three extra years of training just in making dental prosthetics. Because you’ll have to visit this dentist a number of times, choose someone whose office is conveniently located and who has office hours that suit your needs. While it may be tempting to choose the dentist offering the cheapest dentures, this isn’t a good idea. Low-cost dentures are less likely to fit properly and aren’t likely to last as long. It may be better to spend money to get well-made dentures, which typically cost around $2,000 per arch or more.


The dentures should match your gum color and if they’re partial dentures, the color of the rest of your teeth. The teeth in the dentures shouldn’t look perfect, as this would make them look fake and unnatural. There should be small differences between the teeth to make them look more like real teeth. The dentures will help to provide necessary facial structure so your chin, lips, and cheeks look the way they should.

Potential Issues

There are a few main issues that people have when they get Dentures in Branford CT. Many of these can be avoided by choosing the right dentures and caring for them properly. Among the more common problems include difficulty chewing, dentures that move around too much or cause pain and bad breath. Regularly brushing the dentures with a soft-bristled brush made just for this purpose, rinsing them off after every meal and keeping them in cold water when they’re not in use can help limit problems. The better fitting the dentures, the easier it will be to chew, but there will be some loss in chewing ability with most dentures.

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