Why Get an Oral Cancer Screening from a Dentist Apple in Valley MN?

Why Get an Oral Cancer Screening from a Dentist Apple in Valley MN?

When a person goes to the dentist, they know it is important because this is what will help them maintain good oral health and discover if any issues are present. However, quite a few people think all the dentist will do is clean their teeth and point out any obvious problems, such as a cavity or the need for a root canal. However, today, a Dentist Apple in Valley MN can also provide their patients with an oral cancer screening. While this may not seem like a big deal, some of the reasons that patients should request this at every visit can be found here.

Oral Cancer Rates are Increasing in Young People

Many people believe that oral cancer is only an issue that affects the elderly and those who smoke and drink heavily. However, the fact is, more and more young men and women are being diagnosed by their Dentist Apple in Valley MN with this disease. It is suggested that oral cancer is linked to HPV, the human papillomavirus. Anyone between the ages of 25 and 50 could be at risk and need to request a screening.

Screenings are Fast and Painless

Examinations for oral cancer take under five minutes. The dentist will conduct a visual exam of the patients face, lips, and mouth for any precancerous or cancerous conditions. If any type of symptom is discovered, then additional testing will take place. It is a good idea to get this screening done annually.

Prevent Serious Issues with Early Detection

The main cause of oral cancer is still lifestyle choices. Some of the things that can increase a person’s risk include contracting HPV, excessive sun exposure, excessive alcohol use, and smoking. However, when oral cancer is found early, the survival rate is about 80 percent.

Knowing why oral cancer screenings are so important can help a person seek this test during their regular dental appointments. If they have questions about the testing, they can contact the staff from Dakota Dental & Implant Center. A patient can also Click here to find frequently asked questions about oral cancer screenings and other information.