3 Signs That You Need to Seek Emergency Dental Care

While routine dental care can be handled during standard office hours, there are times when you need help at night or on weekends. When something happens without any warning, the ability to reach an emergency dentist Lakeview and receive treatment is imperative. Here are some examples of times when you will need emergency dental care.

Injuries After an Accident

An injury to the mouth is grounds to seek emergency care. This is especially true if one or more teeth are loose, or if a tooth or two has been knocked out of the socket. Only a small amount of time can pass before it’s too late to settle those teeth back into the sockets. Call immediately and make arrangements to meet the dentist at the clinic. Remember to use cold to prevent further damage or inflammation to the teeth.

Pain That Will Not Subside

Sudden throbbing that nothing seems to ease is a sure sign that you need to see an emergency dentist Lakeview as quickly as possible. The underlying cause for that pain may be a severe issue that eventually compromises gum or tooth health. Along with providing you with relief, the emergency dental care could prevent you from losing one or more teeth.

Swelling That Appears Out of Nowhere

Even if there’s not much discomfort, swelling underneath a tooth is nothing to take lightly. It could be signs of an infection that will spread quickly if it’s not brought under control. Call the emergency dentist Lakeview and get to the clinic as fast as you can. It won’t take long to diagnose the issue and take appropriate action.

Do you have a dental issue that needs attention now? The team at Northalsted Dental Spa is ready to help. Call us via to learn more about the emergency dental support we offer. Together, we can make sure you receive the treatment needed to ease the pain and put you on the road to recovery.