Advanced Procedures for Root Canal Treatment in Branford CT

by | Aug 29, 2016 | Dental Care

Root Canal Treatment in Branford CT used to be a long and painful process in the not to distant past. Many people considered the procedure not worth the cost, pain, or time. They would rather have the tooth pulled than save it via a root canal. That lead to several other issues including shifting of the surrounding teeth, bone loss, and problems chewing, depending on where the tooth was located. If a crown was not placed on the tooth after a root canal procedure, the tooth was likely to crack or break with regular eating and cleaning.

Advanced procedures for Root Canal Treatment in Branford CT have resulted in faster, and less painful methods that make root canal almost as easy as having a cavity filled. Lasers for diagnosing problems with teeth are one example of how technology has improved procedures. Locating decay earlier has resulted in fewer teeth progressing to the point of requiring a root canal at all. Decay is fixed before it penetrates the root of the tooth, so the tooth can be saved with a routine filling. When a root canal procedure cannot be avoided, the process is much less involved. Laser guided dentistry, for example, is more precise that completely manual dentistry. 3D mapping of the tooth allows dentists to see how far down the decay is, and what part of the root has to be removed. Procedures are shorter in duration, which reduces discomfort and healing time.

Another advance is a wide variety of sedation dentistry. Topical numbing is not always effective for a procedure such as a root canal. Other options can help patients relax, and feel less anxious. A consultation with an experienced dentist can help patients better understand the procedure, select a form of sedation that suits the situation, and let patients know what to expect. People can go to for information on root canal procedures, as well as other family dentistry procedures, and routine dental care services. Cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneers are also available. Restorative dentistry like implants, dentures, and bridges are offered as well. Patients can schedule appointments and download new patient forms online for convenience.

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