Botox Treatments For Chronic Migraine Headaches

Botox Treatments For Chronic Migraine Headaches

Botox has long been used by cosmetic surgeons to smooth out wrinkles. Since the middle of the 1990s many people getting Botox treatments noticed that there was a marked improvement in their headaches. After years of study and research, Botox for migraines in Arlington Heights was approved. Botox has yet to show any improvement in headaches other than migraines.

What is Botox?

Botox is a byproduct of a toxic bacterium. If you were to ingest the toxin from the bacteria the chances of dying from food poisoning are very high, the poison is known as “botulism.” However, when it is injected rather than ingested, the symptoms are very different, it blocks chemical signals that your nerves are emitting; the result is temporary muscle paralysis.

Today, Botox is used in a variety of ways, it is common in the cosmetic industry as a wrinkle remover but it is also used to treat an overactive bladder, twitching of the eyes, spasms as well as for chronic migraines.

How is it used to control migraine pain?

Botox is administered every three months by a licensed medical practitioner. The session rarely takes more than 15 minutes, during a session a number of doses will be injected at the bridge of the nose, in each temple, the forehead, neck, upper back and the back of the head.

Botox for migraines in Arlington Heights has the tendency to dampen the symptoms of a typical migraine. Once you have had the series of Botox injections, within a couple of weeks you will find a reduction in not only the headaches but accompanying nausea and vomiting as well.

If you have tried other forms of treatment, including medications, all to no avail your medical practitioner may prescribe Botox injections; the process is a quick and very low risk.

Botox for migraines is one of the many uses for the toxin. If you suffer the excruciating pain of migraines you are invited to discuss Botox for migraines in Arlington Heights with James Kakos DDS.