Cavities Need Treatment From the Children’s Dentist in Mankato MN

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Dentist

It is often stressful when a parent discovers their child has a cavity. Unfortunately, cavities in baby teeth can sometimes cause damage to adult teeth so prompt treatment is vital. Many parents feel more at ease when they know what to expect from their child’s cavity treatment with the Children’s Dentist in Mankato MN.

Warning Signs of Cavities

There are a few different warning signs parents may begin to notice when they have a cavity. Cavities occur when acids from the foods and beverages a child consumes start to eat away at the protective enamel. These acids cause erosions which can eventually lead to holes. Some of the signs of cavities include the following.

  *     Tooth pain and sensitivity

  *     Pain when eating sweets or hot or cold foods

  *     White or dark spots on the teeth

  *     Foul breath

  *     Jaw pain

If a parent should notice any of the above symptoms, a prompt appointment needs to be scheduled with the Children’s Dentist in Mankato MN. This appointment allows the dentist to carefully check the child’s teeth with an examination and X-rays. X-rays show the dentist how severe the cavity is so the right treatment can be put into place.

How Does the Dentist Treat Cavities?

To treat a cavity, the dentist will first numb the patient. Numbing ensure the child is comfortable during the procedure. Gas can be used for apprehensive children, so they are not frightened.

Once the child is under the effects of the numbing agent, the dentist will remove the damaged areas of the teeth and then use a filling to repair the damage. Tooth-colored fillings are the primary choice for most children, but there are also other options at some dental offices.

If the child’s tooth is severely decayed, the dentist may decide to pull the tooth, especially if it is a baby tooth. Severely damaged teeth can also be covered with a crown to protect them from further damage.

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