Dental Bridges in Indianapolis, IN Help Fill the Gaps Permanently

Dental Bridges in Indianapolis, IN Help Fill the Gaps Permanently

Teeth are essential elements of the human body in a number of ways. Obviously, they aid in chewing food, which is crucial to both digestion and proper nutrition. Their purpose is to tear and pulverize everything you eat, so it can then be further be broken down by saliva and stomach acid. Aside from this basic function, teeth assist with proper speech and serve cosmetic functions by filling out facial features and giving you a glorious smile to show the world.

Though the dentin and enamel covering your teeth are designed to withstand a lifetime of use, repetitive exposure to acids in fruits, coffee, and other foods and drinks causes greater-than-normal wear and tear. Lack of attention to oral hygiene tends to add to the issue, as do certain medications, leading to damage and decay. If caught early enough, this can be repaired but, in some cases, the destruction is too extensive to be corrected. For those experiencing this level of damage, Dental Bridges in Indianapolis IN may be the solution.

The process of having a bridge installed begins with removing any teeth too far gone to repair. From there, the dentist will create a mold of the remaining teeth as well as the spaces left by those previously extracted. This will be used to create a bridge in just the right size and shape for a specific patient. The bridge will be anchored in place using healthy remaining teeth on either side of the gap where natural teeth are missing.

A temporary bridge may be developed and put into place while its permanent replacement is being made. Porcelain or resin will be used to fashion false teeth closely matching the appearance of your own natural ones. Some permanent dental bridges in Indianapolis IN are ready for placement in as little as a day. Others may take a bit longer. Further shaping and sizing may be needed to ensure the bridge fits and functions properly.

Bridges are maintained through brushing and flossing just as natural teeth should be. With adequate care, and barring any issues with the natural teeth holding it in place, a bridge can, potentially, last a lifetime. For more information or to schedule an appointment to find out if bridges are the right solution for you, visit website domain.