The Different Kinds of Oral Surgery in Bayville, NJ

The Different Kinds of Oral Surgery in Bayville, NJ

There are several different kinds of oral surgery you might need. There is surgery designed to correct some kind of misalignment or imbalance in your teeth. It can also be used to replace missing teeth. These are cosmetic procedures typically, but a few replacements of missing teeth are actually important for the function of your teeth overall. There is also a surgery that is designed to heal different parts of your teeth that might be damaged. One of the most common types of surgery is a root canal procedure.

The Root Canal Procedure

The root canal procedure is one of the most dreaded types of surgery. However, it is a fairly common type of oral surgery in Bayville, NJ. Your tooth is mounted into your gums partially by a root that descends into the gums. It descends through a canal in the gums, which is the root canal. Sometimes, bacteria or viruses get into the root canal. They infect the canal and inflame it. If the inflammation is not handled early on, it will require some surgery to remove the infected tissue. It can be a somewhat uncomfortable procedure, but it is a fairly standard procedure that can be done fairly quickly.

If you have pain in your gums, you should read more about the different procedures. There are many ways to deal with that type of pain.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are another kind of common oral surgery. This type of surgery is actually a two-step process. If you are missing a tooth, the dentist will first make a small incision in your gums. In that incision, the dentist will install an anchor. Then, after the incision has healed, the dentist will install your new tooth. Doing so will help you replace your missing teeth. It’s a common type of surgery that is both functional as well as aesthetic.

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