Different Types Of Dental Restoration In Cincinnati, OH

Different Types Of Dental Restoration In Cincinnati, OH

There are many reasons to replace missing teeth. Initially, missing teeth can damage a person’s self-confidence. There are some who are embarrassed because of what others may think. Visit a professional that practices Dental Restoration in Cincinnati OH to fix the problem.

Medical Reasons To Replace Teeth

A missing tooth can cause the healthy teeth in the area to shift. Indeed, this can result in all of one’s teeth being misaligned. Over time, a biting problem develops because the upper and lower jaw doesn’t meet. Further, the teeth are more susceptible to decay. Further, chewing is impossible without certain teeth.

Therefore, food travels into the stomach in chunks, which causes digestive issues. These problems can be eliminated with Dental Restoration in Cincinnati OH. Also, missing teeth can alter the bone structure of the face. That’s why some people get a sunken look around the mouth.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

Dentures are a good solution for those who have very few teeth left. A dentist pulls the remaining teeth and makes a full set of dentures. It takes several weeks for the gums to heal after teeth are pulled. Hence, the dentist fits patients for temporary dentures in the meantime.

Partial dentures are for those who still have teeth but have some gaps. Artificial teeth are made on a gum-colored base that slips into the mouth. Metal clips are attached that slide onto the permanent teeth. A partial is removable, but patients can opt for a bridge. A bridge is the same as a partial but is cemented to the teeth and there are no metal clips.


Implants are more expensive than dentures, but they are more permanent in nature. Implants are attached to a metal base that is placed inside the gum. The implant procedure does involve some surgery and not all people are candidates. Those with diabetes and certain other conditions must get medical approval.

Mini implants are relatively new but are lifesavers for many. The mini implants are for those who may have just a couple of missing teeth. Likewise, some folks may not have a tooth for a partial denture to hook onto. Fortunately, the dentist can install a mini implant to fix the problem. Learn about all the advancements in restorative dentistry at website.