Do You Need a Sleep Apnea Specialist in the Chicago South Loop Area?

Sleep apnea is a debilitating condition that impacts a growing number of Americans with every passing year. The effects of it impact you during the night, the day, and your long-term health. However, there are potential answers if you know where to turn.

A Night of Lost Sleep

If you suffer from sleep apnea, then you might feel like you were asleep all night, but you might not have actually been resting. Obstructed breathing might keep you unconscious, but you’re not getting the energy and oxygen you need. Worse yet, your sleep partner might suffer if your sleep apnea makes you snore a lot.

Days Without Energy

When you don’t get enough rest at night, it’s hard to feel energized throughout your entire day. In fact, you might feel like you need multiple naps per day just to make it through.

Long-Term Risks

Sleep apnea can create lung and heart problems that deteriorate your health over time. Without proper treatment, your quality of life can go down dramatically, possibly even leading up to death.

Answers Exist

CPAP breathing machines are often used to treat sleep apnea specialists in the Chicago South Loop, but they don’t work for most people. Other options include customized dental pieces you can wear at night that keep your breathing pathways open, which some dental offices can do for you.

If You Need a Sleep Apnea Specialist in the Chicago South Loop Area

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