Enjoy Healthy, Beautiful Teeth With Superior Dentistry in Waikiki

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Dentist

A healthy and well cared for set of teeth should last for a lifetime. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen as often as people would like because of a poor diet or bad dental habits. In some cases, these problems can exist for a long time before they are fixed, which usually results in even more damage. Thankfully, experts in Dentistry in Waikiki can help by removing any decay and filling or crowning the damaged tooth as required. This works because most tooth problems result from decay. Decay starts as a small blemish on the tooth that grows as the dentin gets consumed. If the dentist can remove the decay soon enough, the repair may be as simple as drilling and filling the cavity.

Not all dental procedure are extensive. One of the more common reasons to seek out Dentistry in Waikiki is dental whitening. This is a simple procedure where the dentist places a peroxide solution over the teeth. The solution is typically a fifteen percent carbamide peroxide paste or gel. This solution was chosen because carbamide is a little gentler on the mouth when first applied. To begin the cleaning process, the dentist will introduce a small amount of water to the peroxide, and this causes a chemical reaction that drives the solution below the enamel. This works because water changes the carbamide into hydrogen peroxide, which does the actual whitening. The whole procedure requires about thirty minutes in the office, but the final result may not be visible for about a week. This is because the peroxide is still working below the enamel.

One very useful procedure is the dental veneer. This little device is part of cosmetic dentistry because it is used to cover a variety of problems, including heavily stained, chipped, cracked, or damaged teeth and for covering slightly crooked teeth. Unlike other solutions, the veneer is strictly a cosmetic approach. One reason for this is the device is simply a cover. It fits tightly over the front, or visible, portion of the teeth and offers very little protection. To avoid damage to the veneer, it is normally made from a tough, resilient material like porcelain and secured with a dental grade adhesive.