Five Facts About Dental Implants in Effingham, IL

Five Facts About Dental Implants in Effingham, IL

Dealing with missing teeth can be devastating for a person, especially if they are missing teeth in the front of their smile. With Dental Implants Effingham IL, a person’s missing teeth can be replaced so their smile is made whole and they can feel confident. Dental implants not only make a smile look beautiful, they also add a higher level of normal function for better chewing ability. Those who are considering dental implants will find these facts to give them the information they need to make sound decisions for their dental needs.

• Dental implants are the only permanent option for replacing missing teeth. Once they have been put in place, they will last a lifetime as long as they are properly maintained and cared for. When they become bonded with the bone tissue, they become a permanent part of the jawbone and should never need to be replaced.

• Titanium is the metal used in making the anchor for the implant. The anchor base is the most important piece of the implant. This metal is used because it is the only metal in the world that can fully bond with bone tissue so it acts just as a natural tooth root would, offering superior strength.

• There are three parts to every dental implant: the titanium base, abutment, and prosthetic tooth. The abutment allows the prosthetic to be properly anchored to the titanium base, but the only visible part above the gum line will be the prosthetic tooth.

• The first step in getting dental implants involves the surgical implantation of the titanium base. After the procedure, the bonding process needs to take place, which can take three to six months to be fully complete.

• Should the prosthetic tooth become damaged over the life of a patient, it can easily be removed without the need for surgery and quickly replaced. Routine maintenance will keep the tooth in sound shape so it is less likely to be damaged.

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