Getting Dental Bridges in Salisbury NC

There are three basic procedures that allow dentists to replace a missing tooth – implant a synthetic tooth, insert a removable device or install Dental Bridges in Salisbury NC. According to experts, dental bridges are a popular choice for most people. A dental bridge consists of two stoppers, known as crowns, with a fixed false tooth between them. The crowns are attached to the teeth on either side of the empty socket (where the false tooth is now).

Dental sensitivity and bacteria

According to dentists, one of the main disadvantages of a dental bridge is that a person’s teeth will be sensitive for a few weeks after the bridge is placed in the mouth, especially when it comes to cold and heat. During this recovery period, dental professionals say a patient’s teeth and gums are particularly vulnerable to infection. Because of this fact, they suggest that oral hygiene during this period is essential.


A major advantage of Dental Bridges in Salisbury NC is that the bridge is fixed and stable. Once fixed into place, a bridge will more than likely stay in place. The wearer will not have to worry too much about their bridge falling out while eating or talking. Patients find that bridges are comfortable enough to live with, especially if it does not have a metal frame.


Bridge work can be a cost-effective way of replacing a missing tooth. It may be cheaper than other tooth replacement methods, such as implantation. This is mainly due to the fact that a bridge installation is faster and less invasive than other options. Consistent with expert testimony, most dental insurance companies usually cover a dental bridge in full, while an implant is usually not covered.

Trauma surrounding teeth

Due to the necessary bridges and crowns, healthy teeth on either side of an empty socket must be treated. Applying crowns can cause trauma in healthy teeth. Since bridges are not permanent (it needs to be replaced every few years), this procedure must be repeated several times. Over time, this can cause the teeth to rot or fall out. Visit us or contact your local dentist for more information.