How to Tell That You Might be a Perfect Candidate for Invisalign

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Dentist

Since its introduction, Invisalign has assisted millions of people with spacing and teeth alignment issues. The orthodontic treatment entails the use of a series of clear, custom-made aligners that slowly shift teeth into their rightful position. The aligners are discreet and you can easily remove them. As such, most people recognize Invisalign as easy and the most comfortable orthodontic treatment. You can quickly correct your smile without drawing the attention of everyone you come across. While Invisalign is popular, it is not effective for every patient.


Commitment is a quality that you can determine on your own. One of the reasons most people opt for Invisalign is that they are removable when brushing or eating. However, the right candidate for Invisalign should be committed to placing the aligners over their teeth for at least 22 hours every day. If you can’t commit to this, then you are not a likely candidate for this orthodontic treatment.

You Have Good Oral Health

The right candidates for Invisalign in Northbrook must have a mouth that is in excellent condition. You cannot have aligners placed over your teeth if you have gum disease, untreated cavities, or other dental issues. If you have such problems, your dentist will first treat them before proceeding with this treatment.

You Are a Teenager or an Adult

Your age will also play a role in determining if you are a perfect candidate for Invisalign in Northbrook. Usually, older teenagers and adults make ideal candidates for Invisalign. Preteens don’t often qualify because their teeth are still coming in or growing. Preteens can still get other orthodontic treatments, but Invisalign is not advisable.

You can get aligners if any of these signs describe you. However, make sure you contact Lippitz Orthodontics to have your teeth and oral health examined before getting porcelain veneers. You should also remember to maintain good oral hygiene after placement of aligners.

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