Interesting Dental Trivia To Read When Looking For Dental Offices For Sale in California

Performing all of the due diligence that is necessary when looking for dental offices for sale in California can be a stressful and time-consuming process. To relieve some of that tension, here are some fun and interesting facts about teeth to keep a smile in your heart.

  *     An elephant shed its molars by grinding them down and growing new teeth. This will happen six times during the lifetime of the elephant. Another interesting fact about elephant molars is that they weigh six pounds on average and measure almost seven inches square.

  *     Not flossing on a regular basis means that nearly 40 % of the surface of the tooth is not being cleaned often enough. This can lead to cavities and gum disease so make sure to floss at least twice a day, though after every meal is preferable.

  *     Here is a mindbender of a fun fact. A snail can have as many as 25,000 teeth. However, its mouth is only as big as the head of a needle.

  *     People that are left handed tend to chew on the left side of their mouth while right-handed people tend to chew on the right side of their mouth.

  *     The plaque that forms on the teeth of human consists of just over 300 different kinds of bacteria. That’s a lot of unwanted germs taking up residence on your teeth!

  *     Americans brush their teeth for an average of 60 seconds even though the recommended time is three minutes. Stop slacking, America, and keep brushing!

  *     Almost half a million dollars are spent annually in North America on chewing gum purchases by children. That’s right, that number does not include all of the chewing gum sales made to adults. This explains all of those gum commercials on the television.

  *     The prints on teeth differ from person to person, just like finger prints!

  *     Doctor of Dentistry was one of the fastest growing professions in the year of 2016. This is a great reason to start looking for dental offices for sale in California.

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