Let a Family Dentist in Oyster Bay, NY Improve That Smile

Let a Family Dentist in Oyster Bay, NY Improve That Smile

A dental problem can be a real pain, quite literally in many cases. Unfortunately, there are few things that a person can do when problems occur except contact the dentist. For example, when children develop caries (cavities) and the pain begins to aggravate them, it makes sense to have a Family Dentist in Oyster Bay NY handle the problem. A cavity can be a serious issue because it can cause an infection. Infections create even more issues because they can enter the bloodstream and affect the heart. The dentist will need to eliminate the infection before beginning other treatments.

One way that the Family Dentist in Oyster Bay NY can reduce the chance of caries in younger children is to seal the teeth. Sealants provide a protective covering that can last for months or years. This is useful because kids tend to eat and drink a number of things that damage the enamel. The application of a sealant can reduce this damage tremendously.

Of course, the family dentist can do a lot more. For example, the dentist can improve the way a smile looks by whitening the teeth. Dental whitening is a simple procedure where the dentist places a paste or gel over the teeth and adds a bit of water. This causes the gel to convert into hydrogen peroxide, which actually performs the whitening process.

Sometimes, the dentist cannot fix a problem such as severe stains. Experts, like those at the Locust Valley Dental Group, may decide to cover the problem instead. This dental solution is known as a veneer. The veneer uses a thin porcelain shell to cover the front, or visible, portion of the teeth. It is an excellent way to improve the smile, and modern veneers are usually reversible.

For those cases where the teeth are missing, the dentist may recommend the use of an implant. This process uses an artificial root to anchor a porcelain crown in place. Implants are a great way to avoid the problems caused by missing teeth and may also be used to anchor other prosthetic devices such as bridges. Please click here to learn how a dentist can improve a smile.