Looking for Emergency Dentistry in Charleston SC

Toothache can be an awful pain, but plenty of people simply endure it because they are afraid of going to the dentist. Dental professionals will tell you; however, that severe toothache is a dental emergency dentistry in Charleston SC. Toothache is indicative of much deeper problems, including:

  • Abscess: Toothache may be an indication of a deep infection site such as an abscess. This will need to be treated quickly, as it can lead to complications that involve jawline infections and even septicemia.
  • Cavity: When bacteria has settled onto a tooth and is not cleaned off through regular brushing, it can eat away at the enamel on the tooth and cause a cavity to form. As the bacteria penetrates the bone layers, it reaches the nerve, where it can cause toothache.
  • Nerve damage: Damage to the nerve can be due to tooth decay and cavities, but it can also be due to impact damage. There are cases of impact damage occurring in childhood that have even led to the death of the nerve many years later.

Dealing with Emergencies in Children

Children are particularly susceptible to impact damage and cavities. This is because they have not been educated properly about tooth brushing in many cases and have yet to develop a routine. Many children are also involved in rough play and sports that can also result in a tooth being knocked out, damaged, partially cracked, or broken off. In these cases, emergency dentistry in Charleston SC is required to try and save the tooth.

Time is of the essence in cases like this, and it is important to locate emergency dentistry in Charleston SC so that any damaged teeth can be treated quickly. For teeth that have been cracked or partially snapped, saving the nerve may involve the addition of a special dental resin and coloring so that a tooth can be built up.

An emergency dentistry service is important not just for children, but for adults suffering with toothache, for those who are in pain, and for people who have sustained injury and require an emergency assessment and repair.